Rock Run Fowl Play, "Ted E".


The Griffs are a fun breed to own.  They love to please, especially in the field, and do not respond to harshness.  Their coats are suited for harsh conditions; a comb is all that is needed to comb out the mats and burrs after hunting.  Even retrieving waterfowl in a cold pond or lake won't deter the Griffs from getting wet.  Many times they come back to the duck blind with ice hanging from their beard, loving every minute of it.  The WPG have a natural ability when it comes to hunting; they just need to be "fine tuned".  Our Griffons are NAVHDA registered.

The Griffons are medium to large in size.  They are content in the house and require moderate exercise chasing balls in the yard if not out hunting.  Griffs are good with children and other pets.

Shedding is minimal and only a few hairs fly around the house compared to our shorthaired Rottweilers!  An occasional brushing, nail clipping, teeth and ear cleaning is all that is required.

We have Daz, our first Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, and her son, Ted E.


Am Champion Kyloe's Trekking SF Judzia, CGC, "Daz"          Rock Run Fowl Play, CGC, JH, "Ted E"

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